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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hi World!!!

Hi World!!!

Hi guys!!! 

I'm new here...sorta. So, many of you know me as the blogger who started Swoon Worthy Books. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be over 6 freaking thousand Swooners. I live for introducing you to Hot Book Boyfriends, Incredible Love Stories, Growth of Damaged Characters, and Heart Shattering, Life Moving Stories. I feel like I live to read, or even read just to live. 

I never thought there was a greater feeling than reading(Besides loving my kids)...until I got the guts to stop deleting my own words and letting these characters escape from my thoughts. It's truly a magical feeling. It's seems that now that I have opened the box, and started pouring my heart out into MS Word, I can't stop! 

I am working on so many projects I am excited to share with you. I can't wait to bring these stories into your lives. They range from YA Mature to NA and possibly maybe a little Erotic Romance. I get to transport myself into these other lives and live for them, at times even breathe for them.

The outpouring of support I have received from readers, friends, other bloggers I call my friends, even some of my closest friends who are amazing, talented Authors makes me know how blessed I truly am. These amazing people have pushed me harder than I thought I would need. I normally live life in the I don't give a you know what mentality, it wasn't until I put myself out there to be judged did I ever think, you know what? I do give a you know what these people think of me. Slowly I am growing "thick dragon skin" as my bestie always calls it, and forgetting about what others think about me, my work, and my stories. Of course I want you all to love them, but that isn't reality. I know first hand how things don't work for others. I blog my reviews, sometimes a story doesn't do it for me, and you know what? Thats ok, cause I know there are other readers out there that will eat it up and it will be amazing for them. 

For me, I stay true to my characters, and I help them come to life. Sometimes they take a course I never had planned, but hey I'm just here to script the life they want. I am proud of my words, and I just want to share them with you. 

My debut Novel Her Love Ran Crimson will be out October 2013. This book took me almost a year to complete after I stopped erasing the first chapter and committed to it. (Off subject, but funny thing is, everytime I would rewrite the chapter again, it would come out the same. I think I attempted to write it 6 times before I actually did. Every time it was completely the same.) I hope you all enjoy my story, and know that yes, some of this is my story. Live with it, learn from it and love because of it.

Thanks for reading my little post. I will be keeping you up to date here as well as my FB,Twitter, and anywhere else you can find me.

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